Friday, February 20, 2015, 3:11 PM

Womble Carlyle Launches Resource Page for Proposed Rules on "White Collar" Exemptions

Updated, September 19, 2017:  Due to the 2016 regulations being struck down by a federal court, we have removed the Resource Page as no longer relevant or accurate.

The last week of February is upon us, and the Department of Labor has not yet issued the highly anticipated new FLSA regulations which will propose changes to the white collar exemptions.  Announced by President Obama nearly a year ago, the proposed rules (which have already been postponed once) are currently scheduled for release sometime this month.  If the FLSA proposed rules become law, they are expected to dramatically change which employees can be classified as exempt, which in turn may significantly impact wages and overtime pay to workers.

Womble Carlyle is pleased to announce a Resource Page to help businesses prepare for these proposed rules, which will be the most significant change to the FLSA in more than a decade.  The Resource Page provides businesses with the latest information and updates on these proposed rules, including background information and references to key materials. 

The Resource Page can found here.

When the proposed rules are finally released, we look forward to offering our analysis and practical recommendations to assist businesses with understanding the proposed rules, and meeting the expected compliance challenges if the proposed rules become law.

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