Monday, October 13, 2008, 10:18 AM

How Inconvenient! 7-Eleven, Inc. Is Sued by a Former Convenience Store Employee under the FLSA for Unpaid Overtime

In a bare bones complaint, Plaintiff Julie Caserio sued her former employer, 7-Eleven, Inc., for unpaid overtime compensation stemming from her employment at a Lee County, Florida 7-Eleven Store. The complaint seeks to recover for unpaid compensation allegedly owed to Ms. Caserio, as well as to those hourly store employees who were or are similarly situated to her within the State of Florida for the past three (3) years. The complaint offers no details about the job duties performed by Ms. Caserio or those similarly situated. 7-Eleven operates 541 stores in Florida (according to its website), so a class of all hourly employees could include thousands of Florida-based employees.

7-Eleven has faced several other overtime lawsuits, including one recently settled in the Southern District of Florida and another recently voluntarily dismissed by the plaintiff in California. To read the complaint in Caserio v. 7-Eleven, Inc., case number 2:08-cv-00782, click here.


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