Wednesday, May 14, 2008, 11:35 AM

10th Suit Filed Against Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Financial, Inc. was sued for the 10th time in the last month alone alleging violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Ketrena Kirkland and Gavin Morris filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court of Georgia alleging the company failed to pay them, as well as other similarly situated employees, for overtime in violation of the FLSA.

Kirkland and Morris seek overtime compensation on behalf of anyone who was or is employed by Wells Fargo in the past three years as credit managers, senior credit managers, assistant managers, or loan processors. The proposed class excludes all employees who signed valid and binding arbitration agreements. In the complaint, plaintiffs allege that they routinely worked in excess of 40 hours per week, but were not paid appropriate overtime compensation for the work. The complaint also alleges that the company failed to comply with the recordkeeping provisions of the FLSA.

Other lawsuits making similar allegations have been filed in California, New Jersey, Georgia, Texas, Colorado, Ohio, and Indiana.

To read the case filed by Kirkland and Morris in Georgia, click here.


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