Monday, December 31, 2007, 1:24 PM

Looking for Just Desserts

Today's holiday item may be the product of too much eggnog, but we'll report it faithfully:

A new FLSA collective action, Williams v. Long (Civil Action No. 1:07cv3459, filed Dec. 27, 2007), has been filed in US District Court in Maryland. The two plaintiffs and the group they claim to represent insist that their former employer - Sandra Long, who formerly held executive positions in the state's Economic Development and Lottery offices - cheated them out of any compensation while they served as bakers and "frosting technicians" with Ms. Long's current venture, Charm City Cupcakes. The complaint asserts that Ms. Long was trying to "have her cake and eat it too," while maintaining an attitude of "let them eat cake." Will Judge Frederick Motz be amused? Will he put plaintiff's counsel on a sugar-free diet to curb such rhetorical flourishes, or will he swallow the idea that the defendant's alleged recipe for financial success was illegal? We will watch and report, hoping the Food Channel doesn't beat us to the news. And who said legal reporting is a dry and tasteless endeavor?

Click here to read the complaint.



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